Why Non-Profit Volunteers Should Carry Business Cards


You realize that people must have and make use of company cards, but i do believe non-profit volunteers should do exactly the same.

If you’re enthused concerning the work you do for the cause, therefore’d like others to either donate or join as a volunteer, keep cards useful to provide on when you are talking-to new-people – or even to old friends whom might be thinking about helping. Might amuse pleasure within the company, and stay a far much better chance of getting your email address remembered later.

Most likely, those small scraps of paper you see to jot down several are lost or mistaken for garbage way too usually.

Just how many times maybe you have written a title and quantity on the straight back of your shopping list and forgotten it absolutely was truth be told there when you tossed record? And even found a name and quantity and wondered whom it absolutely was and just why you’d it. Even worse – you see just the quantity and have now no recollection of the reason why you have got it. Those things take place when individuals write down numbers while standing in a grocery store aisle!

In addition to convenience and efficiency, company cards convey the effect that yours is a well-run, expert company.

I recommend that telephone number and target associated with company, as opposed to your quantity, be imprinted on the cards. However, with approval of your board, you might integrate both, so people can call you with questions. In the event that you hold an office, consist of your name after your title, usually simply state “Suzie Smith, Volunteer.” 

Aside from the organization’s title and email address, consist of a quick tag range that summarizes the company’s mission. Which will help the one who looks at your card a few weeks remember the reason why he or she ended up being thinking about becoming associated with your team.

These cards don’t need to be fancy, just informative. Shops particularly Staples provide very inexpensive printing, and you can additionally get card stock and print all of them yourself computer system since you need all of them.


Supply by Marte Cliff

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