Top 7 WordPress Website Design Trends That Will Accelerate In 2017


From the creation 2003 to 2016, the WordPress has also marked significant changes with a huge selection of motifs, plugins, resources and libraries release together with mobile responsiveness having its myriad of the versions. Ideal material administration system platform is leveraged because of the 10 million internet sites throughout the world.

Every year plenty has-been speculated the WordPress development and that is satisfied using the release of new features. This current year 2017, there are web page design trends which will use the center phase. Why don’t we shed some light on such trends:

1) Go mobile responsive

Since the mobile is starting to become the primary product, the web site development adaptable to a range of devices was started, nevertheless the internet sites perhaps not optimized for mobile had been bad in styles and destroying the consumer knowledge. To raised fit in all of the content on smaller displays and delight the users, the responsive design becomes a de-facto standard, that’ll upsurge in many years to come.

2) It’s the turn of age-responsive

There are it quite amusing. Making the web site design responsive catering various devices display dimensions are comprehended, but how the web page design may be made adaptable on users’ age. As customization considering the users’ demographics is perhaps all the trend, likewise the web site may also get custom-made in an automated manner like- navigation menus, color comparison, font dimensions and spacing are certain to get changed according to the users’ age.

3) movie headers

Pictures or videos paints a thousand terms. Visuals are better in illustrating the information. Based on the Hubspot research, “The 80% associated with the internet traffic will come through videos in 2018.” With videos, the video headers may getting the popularity to higher narrate the storyline and include an appeal on web site by evoking powerful feelings.

4) Parallax will prevail

The parallax is a nifty little act that produces a 3D impression through the backdrop move at a slower rate versus foreground. The WordPress development organization includes the parallax impact in one-page website to make the website navigation enthralling and allow companies tell their particular story in a most appealing way. It will stay the favorite of WordPress developers in 2017 besides.

5) Stunning card and grid design

Cards allow the web site content segregation into numerous parts that may be quickly navigated, work well with cellular devices and makes the material manageable. The capacity to try out the card-based UI unearth the creative opportunities which will make the web site content intriguing to read through. To stun the users with new design and designs, the experimentation continues to boost.

6) enhanced focus on typography

Just like photos or videos, typography can also be picking right up the pace where different fonts are presented in an innovative way which grabs the consumer interest. The excellent textual representation can be a mainstay on webbed globe in 2017 to which the customized WordPress development companies will be spending many interest.

7) Flat colors can be the fact of past

A few years back, the level design trends had been increasing, but with increasing popularity, they will have become also common. The level design issues resulted in invention of the latest design elements, shadows, overlap together with cards method through contemporary technologies, that’ll end up being the new web site trends in 2017.


Because of the beginning of 2017, this old WordPress web site designing trends certainly will make a shift to keep sync using the customers together with marketplace. The customized WordPress developing Company by perfectly understanding all these dilemmas aiming to develop and design the aesthetic appealing, most readily useful design and great UI internet sites. Does it seem sensible for you? If that’s the case, evolve using the technology and trends to part of by what’s developing this season.


Source by Michael L Waugh

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