The Physics Behind Egg Catching: An Application of Impulse and Momentum


Question: both you and a friend tend to be entering an egg toss competition. The purpose of this competition is always to throw an egg the greatest distance without one cracking or breaking available. Describe your technique for catching eggs which were tossed an extended distance without all of them breaking-in regards to physics. Utilize terms like impulse and momentum.

Pupil’s reaction ended up being:

When wanting to catch an egg utilizing the furthest distance, there are many items to remember. Things such as the fat of egg, the exact distance you might be throwing it, and just how you catch the egg can change the outcomes considerably.

To start, when throwing some thing as small as an egg, you have to keep in mind that the additional the exact distance, the more power is exerted into throwing the egg. With increased power exerted in to the egg, the more momentum there will be. It is especially crucial when catching the egg, because catching it the wrong way may result in it breaking.

The catching of egg are especially tough, because egg is extremely brittle and fragile. In order to decrease the momentum, you must grab the egg by its sides so it doesn’t splatter on the hand. The egg’s impulse which is it really is average power during a period of time, must certanly be lower in order to ensure a safe landing for the egg. By catching the egg because of the sides, you might be lowering it really is momentum and impulse to later on result in the egg fall under your palm.

Tutor’s response ended up being: To win your competitors, we must put the egg as high as we can. When it fall-down, it will have a top velocity aswell. Mass of egg is fixed. Anytime we must win this competition, you should be prepared to face a top momentum we will get with regards to fall. Let us say we devote some time “t” to catch this egg. So that the power while catching the egg will likely be “F” written by:

So F= m(vf-vi)/t

And now we have already seen that size m is fixed.

Also Vf =0 because egg finally concerns sleep after catching.

Vi is the velocity that has been indeed there prior to catching the egg therefore we have already seen that, it should be quite high whenever we like to win your competitors.

Now, so that you can reduce steadily the power, the one and only thing we may do is always to maintain the period of experience of our fingers “t” as high as possible.

Whenever we accomplish that I will be in a position to decrease the power F to such a limitation that the egg while rather brittle, wont break.

To increase enough time of contact we must catch the egg in sweeping activity. We need to move our fingers downwards so that the relative velocity involving the hand as well as the egg becomes less. This will effectively boost the time “t” thus the Force F will likely be paid off.


Source by Samuel Jhon

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