The History of Colin’s Jeans Brand


The history of made to measure jeans by Colin’s started in 1983 when a Turkish businessman Nurettin Eroglu along with his four brothers established a tiny apparel manufacture labeled as “Eroglu Holding”. Originally the factory produced coats and down jackets, but in 1986 the initial jeans were produced truth be told there. That year the trademark “Kulis” had been introduced. Manufacturing grew and also by 1992 the organization produced 1500 pairs of jeans each day. The brand name had been that year rebranded and called “Colin’s Jeans”. The very first sewing factory occupying a space of 10.000 square kilometers had been exposed.

In 1993 the organization begins to export its jeans abroad. These days Colin’s Jeans are offered in america, west and Eastern Europe, Russia and Middle East.

Colin’s Jeans brand name has opted for the best online marketing strategy right away. Unlike other Turkish makers of denim, Colin’s Jeans brand name didn’t try to duplicate jeans models generated by globe established organizations. Rather than this the brand name made inexpensive garments of great high quality and advertised for its very own trademark. This plan added into success of the brand name all over the world.

By the end of 1990s Colin’s Jeans currently had 11 stores in Turkey and 6 stores abroad. The brand name in addition launched a fresh higher priced denim range called “Loft”. In 1997 Central Office and investing center Marka&Marka in Istanbul were exposed. Based on the conception Marka&Marka Eroglu started production the leading globe makers of custom-tailored jeans: Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Then, Polo, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Lee Cooper, Matalan and Liz Clairbone. In 1998 a factory occupying a space of 35.000 square kilometers had been exposed, accompanied by the largest denim garments manufacturing factory in Europe unsealed in 2003 and occupying a space of 45.000 square kilometers, with the capacity of producing 17 million of garments pieces annually. In 2005 Eroglu business Group purchased one of the biggest jeans companies in Europe “Big Star”, fortifying its opportunities in the globe areas.

These days the organization is represented in 33 countries and has now over 24.000 staff members. The brand name creates males’s, women’s and children’s garments and each period introduces over 2000 types of customized jeans the new collection, after the latest styles around the globe fashion. Colin’s represents an entire production period, including draft designing of jeans models, building, curve gradation, sewing of garments pieces, packing and distribution of prepared goods into customers. Many modern technologies of handling and dye are employed in Colin’s Jeans manufactory.

The item range includes jeans, denim jackets, shirts, skirts, waistcoats, clothes, short pants, overalls, and cotton fiber and knitted use like tops, tees, sweaters, smocks. Colinis also consistently manufacture external garments, coats and jackets. Clothing for kids and various add-ons in addition fit in with the item palette of business.

The brand name today has 300 stores in Turkey plus than 1000 abroad, thus getting a rightful competition of leading globe denim companies.


Supply by Stella Tornton

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