Social Media Vocabulary – Language and Slang Corruption


Avoid Being Corrupted By Social Media Marketing Slang

What’s Social Media Marketing Slang? Slang are informal words and language perhaps not linked to the standard/common language we used in society.

Social media marketing Slang is found primarily from communicating in Social media marketing. When communicating within Social Networks like Twitter and Twitter, you’re often presented a brief number of area to relay information to share to another user included.

Shortcuts, Abbreviations and L337 Speak tend to be concocted from quick and short communication ways.

Early Social Media Marketing Slang

Before Twitter and Twitter wall articles and condition revisions there was AOL and chat rooms with instant messaging.

AOL is renowned for the grand daddy of Web slang creation and was the beginning of the early trendsetter of fast short communication shortcuts. L33t Speak and Acronyms had been greatly utilized in the AOL times.

L337 Speak had AOL people writing words like:

// 0 n3 Y = cash

MiCrOsoFt = Microsoft

4 replaces A, 3 replaces E, 7 replaces T 1 replaces L, and $ replaces S, 13 replaces B are just some more instances. L337 talk is still popular in video gaming however.

Acronyms and/or “Text Talk” is quite well-known however also. A few examples are below

U = You 2 = Too TTYL = speak with you later on LOL = Laughing aloud 4 = For R = Are O= OH

Corruption of English Language

With chat rooms and instant messaging slowing losing traffic and more and more people are Texting and utilizing Social Networks now to communicate, Web Slang now features transformed to Social Media Slang.

They’re English Teacher’s worst nightmares. These shortcut slang talk can corrupt your company and Education.

Simply because its very easy to do to just “slang talk” or “text talk”, attempt to however practice great communication and never fall sufferer of Social Media Slang. That you do not like to compose a proposal for litigant that features this under:

“Hello wut do u wish 2 do today? plz inform me, k, ttyl”

This naturally is quite unprofessional and may be damaging towards etiquette. Although this may seem like commons sense more and more professionals are caught with “Social Media Slang”

Like with your personal profiles, keep your on line etiquette extremely expert aswell and do not fall to your corruption of shortcuts and slang.


Origin by Justin Alan Williams

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