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Why Outsourcing Your Social Media Is Beneficial

When your social media is outsourced to us it will help to ensure that your social media campaigns are professionally managed for an affordable price that will provide you with a good return on investment.

Why should we use your Facebook or Twitter service when we can do this ourselves?

We are social media experts, which means we keep up with all of the latest technology and trends. We understand microblogging, mash-ups and hashtags- so that you don’t have to.

It takes a great deal of dedication to keep your social media feeds active. It includes logging in and posting 4 or 5 times per day, or possibly even more if you have other accounts in addition to Twitter and Facebook. It takes patience and time to build your social channels.

While you work on growing your business, we will be posting for you. When you are off sick or on holiday, we will still be posting. When you get called to an emergency meeting that lasts all day, we will still be posting. Posting four to five times a day with content that is well thought out is hard work. However, we are experts at this.

We have everything scheduled out a week ahead at least in our very convenient and easy to use control panel that allows you to edit and review our content, add posts of your own, and monitor all of your campaign statistics. It is very easy to use, and you don’t need to use it at all if you prefer not to.

We will ensure that your social media feeds stay very positive and active for your business every week. We try to keep things fun (where appropriate) while still promoting your brand and informing individuals about your business. We will conduct research and post (or tweet) trivia, tips and facts related to your industry. Your business will be profiled to make sure that we use information that is the perfect blend for promoting your company on social media.

If you choose the option, we can also create unique images a couple of times a week for you and schedule them to be posted from your control panel. It helps your pages look good and adds another viral marketing layer to the mix. If you don’t have enough images, we can furnish you with royalty free stock photos that relate to your business.

You can post too, so don’t forget that! Posting as frequently as they want to, on things we aren’t able to post about, is something that we strongly encourage our clients to do. You can always talk about things like new contracts or when a new sale is going to begin. Just log into the control panel and schedule items to be posted.

A complete suite of statistics, charts and graphics is provided in our control panel, which is user friendly. They allow you to see how your social media campaigns are benefiting your business.

How can your business benefit from making use of social media marketing?

Just like the fax machine during the 1980’s and email in the 2000’s, social media marketing has moved from being an option for business to an absolute essential. However, there is still time for you to move ahead of the competition.

Social Media Marketing

Operating a social media campaign will provide you with the following benefits:

– Enhance your trustworthiness

The more trustworthy you are deemed to be, the higher your website conversion rates will be. The number of visitors your site received versus the number of sales you receive (or leads) is your sales conversion ratio. Monitor your ratio before you install an embedded Twitter feed and after. You should see an improvement. Visitors to your website are reassured by the presence of a Twitter feed that is updated on a regular basis (in hours instead of days). It shows authority, professionalism and clearly points out that your website is “open for business.”

– Repeat exposure and brand recognition

Your social medial browsers and followers are in a comfortable environment. It’s a great place for you to build a presence for your brand so that they can take notice of you. With traditional advertising it is said that a potential customer needs to see your ad seven times before they will take action. Social media provides you a chance to get your brand name in front of them without needing to be pushy.

– Get ahead of your competition

Are your competitors using social media? A majority of your competitors probably are not embracing social media is a very effective way, so now is your chance to get ahead of them. If they are doing well at engaging within the social networks, then you need to get involved as well or risk losing your audience and getting left behind.

Your potential clients or customers are personally engaging on social media, whether you want them to or not. Whenever they visit a website, they are expending to see a social media presence. If you don’t have one, they might judge you for it. Or worse, if you haven’t updated if for weeks or even months.

– Increase your marketing power

It isn’t necessary for you to have followers since relevant hashtags will be included by our business profilers so that your brand is included in relevant conversations. However, your market power will increase as your followers increase. To start out with, increasing your website’s conversion rate, hashtagged tweets and your social media campaign potentially appearing in Google’s search result are the main things to be concerned with.

Over time you will obtain a loyal group of followers who you will be able to market to at no additional cost and at any time.

The larger your group of followers is, the more individuals there will be who want to get involved and join in. This is called the “crowd effect.” People are always wanting to know what interests the crowd and join the crowd. We can show you how to obtain more followers.

– Improves your authority

When visitors see that your social network is full of trivia and hints that relate to your field of business, they will associate it automatically with authority. Your company will be viewed as having specialist knowledge and increased credibility. In turn, this will lead to increased sales conversion rates for your business.

– Excellent Return on investment

The service that we offer will provide you with an excellent return on investment. You can track your site visitors to sales ratio to see if there has been an improvement, and also see if you are getting an increased number of visitors directly coming from your social networking accounts. Social media results are now be returned by Google in its search results. Also Facebook and Twitter have hundreds of millions of members. For such a small monthly investment, you can gain access to this huge market.


Google is placing more importance on what are called “social signals.” No one knows what the exact algorithm that Google uses, but social campaigns are definitely included as part of the mix. In order to derive any benefits from it, you must actively participate in social media. You should also consider having your Twitter feed embedded on your website’s home page. The continuously changing text is exactly the kind of that that Google loves. After embedding a feed we have seen big increases in the amount of crawling that Google does, which helps push your website higher up the search results.

– Website traffic

Even without having a large following, using hashtags in a targeted way should help get your brand into relevant conversations. That should begin to drive visitors to your site. As your group of followers continues to grow you will begin to get an increased amount of exposure for your brand. This will continue to increase your traffic even more. Because a greater emphasis on “Social Signals” is being placed by Google, you might also gain more traffic from Google directly as well. Twitter Feeds and Facebook pages are now being displayed in the Google search results. You will receive more visitors as your social media campaigns continue to grow and mature.

What benefits will you receive from outsourcing your social media campaigning to us?

Social networks are very fast paced and you need to invest lots of time into the details in order to achieve the ideal social media balance. This is before you work out what effect each of your accounts have on Google, how to get the best effects from your hashtags, what impact keyword density has on your social media campaigns, etc. While learning all of this, you still need to post 4 to 5 times every day in order to be viewed as being socially active on social media and enjoying the benefits from it.

You also should try to create and upload a couple of images at least every week for every social media account that you have. Images really make a text heavy page like Facebook look great.

Outsourcing all of the heavy lifting of social media campaigning to us is the way that you can benefit from it. We know exactly how to create the perfect social media campaign recipes that will provide an authoritative and interesting set of posts that your customers or clients will love and push the social buttons of Google as well.

We have entire teams of individuals that can post for you each and every day. This will provide you with lots of keyword rich content that is spread out nicely throughout the day. And you can review all of it through our easy to use and convenient control panel, since we schedule your content ahead at least 7 days.

Are you still not sure about all the fuss over social media?

Get in touch with us today so we can show you how social media marketing can benefit you.

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