Has Your Website Been Hacked?

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It can happen to anyone especially if you used the WordPress platform to build your site. This happens to several sites every day and the worst part is that you will not even know it.

I remember the first time one of my customers called told me the Google says my site is hacked and ‘The site ahead contains malware’. it was horrible and I felt so violated. “I mean who would want to hurt my site or my business?”

This hack caused me to lose business my credibility and some of the valuable keyword rankings that I had.  If you think that your website might have gotten hacked then give me a call so that we get your website malware cleanup and make it secure so that it won’t happen again.

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Ottawa WordPress Malware Removal Service.

Keep your customers information safe! Call us to secure your website so that it can not get hacked.   A hacked website can hurt your rankings and or cause your customers personal information to get into the hands of the wrong people.

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Ottawa WP Malware Removal

Hackers like to do devious things to WordPress websites.  If you do not keep your website theme, plugins or WordPress version up to date then it could get hacked.  Contact us today to get your website secure and stop a hacker before he causes damage to your business and your customers.

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Matt Cutt (the head of google spam team) explains Malware and available tools to diagnose and fix the problem. These are the things we do first because most times this will fix the problem.

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