Priestley’s Paradox and Social Media Strategy


The storyline goes that in 1957 when speaing frankly about the reasonably brand new creation known as tv English novelist, playwright and broadcaster John Boynton Priestly remarked:

“currently we audiences, you should definitely viewing, begun to whisper to one another that more we elaborate our method of interaction, the less we communicate.”

Or when interpreted by modern scholastic kinds:

“That whilst the quantity of interaction techniques advances the top-notch the interaction reduces.”

This can be Priestly’s paradox.

Although this remark could be seen variously as cynical, technophobic, out-of-date or simple incorrect (get because of the times Priestly and stop becoming so negative, you’re wrong!); We argue that quite often in electronic social area we inhabit Priestly had been right on the funds.

Don’t think me personally? Imagine explaining the thought of social media to some one in 1957 (as well as 2007 for instance):

  • Express your self – in 140 figures or less
  • Show admiration toward a statement – by clicking like
  • Laugh aloud – cannot really laugh, only kind LOL
  • Keep friendships – with individuals you’ve never met

Is-it reasonable to say that top-notch interaction features decreased?

Indeed – but this is a ‘glass half bare’ example, it does not have framework and doesn’t start to mention the positives. Social media is a strong tool for businesses and will be extremely useful from a customer engagement, B2B networking, pr and marketing viewpoint – dependent on how it’s made use of.

It will be the the way I need to focus on.

Do you have certainly one of ‘those people’ in your company’s Twitter or Facebook who share every backlinks at all related to their particular field on any given time?

“9 approaches to Generate brand new Leads”, “Must utilize App Tracks personal Trends”, “33.3 approaches to Instant triumph”.

In a misguided make an effort to be viewed as an educated credible resource or believed leader within their business these accounts is visible as irritating, self-absorbed and sobbing away for interest.With this system there clearly was typically little engagement (aside from big organizations), perhaps the odd want or retweet but hardly ever performs this technique incite important interaction. What exactly is even worse is they’ve been most likely certainly one of 50 people in the same loosely relevant field which is revealing exactly the same thing on a single time. It is impersonal, demonstrates insufficient ideas as well as in this example shows Priestly correct.

I enjoy think social tools could be used to raise the top-notch interaction then when devising a social media strategy for your organization think – How can I prove Priestly wrong?

Here are some ideas:

  • A ‘no website link without framework’ policy: When revealing a web link relate it returning to business, your web visitors or your business and clarify why it’s important/relevant/applicable/good/bad etc. This can be easier said than done at 140 figures but that simply emphasises the need to think carefully around posting one thing.
  • Creation of our own initial content and commentary: very easy really, in which feasible try to produce your content in-house.
  • Quality over quantity: you are probably not completely thinking about exactly what your consumers had for lunch or even the funny video some one available on their particular break why bore them with these records. This relates greatly to your previous two things.
  • Use ways: Thank people for retweets, welcome brand new followers and buddies and continue to be amicable despite the method you’re utilizing. May very well not be interacting personally you could still be personable.

There’ll be a point of removedness in social media interactions but after these simple guides (and don’t forget they’ve been only guides) will allow you to create more appropriate, engaging, individual and efficient company interaction in social area.


Supply by Simon P Neate

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