Personal Branding: The Lighthouse Branding Model


Increasing numbers of people are talking about the necessity of private branding, in both profession looking plus in profession development. Efficient private branding not only enables you to get noticed from the group to companies and recruiters, it may raise your task security by communicating your value as a leader and team player towards organization.

What’s private branding?

Personal branding is the process of distinguishing the unique and differentiating value which you bring to a company, team and/or task and communicating it in a professionally memorable and constant way in most of one’s activities, both online and traditional, to any or all existing and potential stakeholders inside profession.

The Lighthouse Personal Branding Model

The lighthouse is a good design for wearing down the branding process into four crucial measures: the inspiration, the beacon, the tower therefore the beam.


Your basis can be your unarguable skills and expertise in your chosen area. To determine your basis, jot down the skills that differentiate you from the rest and ask friends, family members and colleagues/managers doing equivalent for you. Identify the utmost effective 3 to 5 overlapping skills that support the profession path you intend to pursue.


Your beacon is the memorable and constant communication of one’s skills and knowledge. Now that you have identified your basis, it is time to create your beacon by finding a word or phrase that represents these skills and will become your brand. Develop a short pitch that will follow your brand, describing your skills in more detail. Make sure your word or phrase is functional and will change with your path.


Basically, your tower can be your presence, get to and presentation, both online and traditional, which support the beacon. This really is actually whatever you do to proactively grow your private brand. The higher you grow your tower with your efforts, the greater amount of visible you are to potential profession stakeholders. Check out approaches to proactively grow your brand name and credibility before your potential audience:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile and proceed with the recommended measures to accomplish your profile 100 percent, making sure you include your personal brand name and pitch inside subtitle and summary sections.
  • Create a Bing account and profile for improved search engine marketing.
  • Consist of your personal brand on your own application, cover letter, company cards, email signature, voicemail message and across your various other social support systems, such Twitter and Facebook.
  • Think about creating your own website/blog site where you can house all your information, including knowledge, training, abilities, awards, entrepreneurial efforts plus.
  • Start your blog site with a distinctive viewpoint on your own industry/area of great interest.
  • Contribute value inside book or product critiques, your tweets, your feedback on various other blog posts, your blog site articles or articles for printing publications, your conversations in LinkedIn Groups and your advice via LinkedIn Answers or other discussion boards.
  • Start an organization full time or quietly with relevant and important products/services/resources for the industry.
  • Publish and gives printing and/or electronic publications.
  • Get quoted into the news by joining HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and adding advice, experiences and insights to article authors and journalists pursuing expert resources.


Your beam can be your profession path plus active individual branding and profession search method. It involves you getting and projecting a strong comprehension of for which you wish to get, what you need to pursue and how you’ll pursue it. First, you need to know what practical area, location and industries/companies you intend to target. After that, you need to definitely interact your brand with potential profession stakeholders. Check out approaches to start:

  • Join organizations or networking teams in your industry and go to activities to fulfill new contacts and grow your target system. Make sure to share your personal brand with those new contacts.
  • Conduct informational interviews with target system contacts (if you are pursuing a job) and share your personal brand using them inside introductions.
  • Discover approaches to deliver other industry believed frontrunners together on a task or at an event.
  • Discover approaches to play a role in the tasks or activities of other skillfully developed.
  • Get suggested on LinkedIn and screen testimonials from consumers, consumers and partners

Personal Application

I utilized this design to simply help develop my very own private brand within my MBA profession search. Having identified my basis become my endless power, out-of-the-box creativity, commitment building and issue resolving, we looked-for a word that could pull all of those skills together into one memorable brand message. The beacon we elected ended up being “generator” when I generate power, creativity, interactions and solutions to issues. I was following a lifetime career in marketing and advertising and brand management, and therefore, I became a brand name and marketing and advertising generator. I proactively built my tower by including my brand directly into my web profiles, my resumes and my entrepreneurial efforts. I then took a more active approach, targeting the “beam” by including my own brand within my meeting answers, networking introductions and informational meeting outreach. It had been this method that assisted me personally effectively secure my existing work, and also this design will continue to help guide every one of my expert and entrepreneurial endeavors.

While you generate, develop and enhance on your own private brand, keep carefully the lighthouse in your mind as an artistic design and guide to private branding success.


Source by Chris A. Perry

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Preston Martelly

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