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Have you ever written a piece of content, went to, opened a Google search and then, as if by magic, you are at the number one spot on page one of your search results?

One of my clients told me she was getting about 40,000 hits per month on her website.  When I asked her what the keywords were she couldn’t recall.  When I asked her what keywords generate traffic she couldn’t either.

I used the examine tool to diagnose what she was having.

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Once I’ve checked my client’s SEO, I recommend her to do the examine tool.  Since then, I’ve been able to come up  with an answer.

Using the examine tool I was able to take her site and make changes to her on-page as well as link-building techniques.

What she’s doing wrong now is that she’s relying on people coming in off the Internet.  There’re two things she needs to do right now before the traffic will start Continue to create fresh content and obtain backlinks (sw backlinks, inbound links) to generate traffic to her site.

The examine tool gives her a glimpse into among other things, the search engines she must be aware of, the keywords she must be optimizing her site for and the money keywords and keyword phrases she must be avoiding.

The analyze tool will allow you to see where she is in the race for her keywords, and you’ll know how far she’s come with time and money and what more she must do to win this race.

SMM Experts in Canada are one of the best team to work with.  Social Media Marketing, Digital marketing, online presence,  Search Engine Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Specialist, graphic design, email marketing etc. There are several marketing techniques and digital marketing tools that a digital marketing company can use.  

There are a lot of team of expert in using Google Ads in advertising campaign to increase your digital presence. They also do have a creating team that handles graphic design services. 

A marketing agency will ensure that you gain potential customers. They may run Google Ads or Facebook ads. You can also do Facebook marketing. They do have their own digital marketing strategy  with an experienced marketing consultant. They do have some marketing package for high-quality online marketing and branding services.  Their experience comes with a cost. However, you will definitely see actual results. Social Media Marketing, social media services and other generation strategies.

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Creates a content creation plan; expand on her current approach. Social Media marketing experts likes to build up an image and that includes a good content. You need to work on your content and have a social media marketing plan. You need a content that you can use in different marketing strategies. Pinterest marketing, twitter marketing, TikTok Internet Marketing, Facebook marketing and design email marketing.   It all depends on the Market and Platforms that you will use. Social Media Marketing requires a good amount of content that is relatable. You need to have a Landing Page Design as well. Your content must be able to target Variety of industries. A person with a marketing mind will create a content that will be an effective internet marketing .

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An effective SEO strategy also requires quality content and specific keywords. There is a lot of Marketing Analytics that is used.  You will follow digital marketing trends and based on that, you will create an internet marketing strategy. You can either go for traditional marketing strategy or innovative marketing strategy. There are different affordable internet marketing strategies. There are also those other tremendous marketing strategy and the on common ground behind all of them is the keyword. 

Content Volume

Keep up with the volume of ideas she has for content. You need a creative team, social media expert (to run social media campaigns) and a solid media marketing plan. Marketing & Communication is a big factor.  You are going to need to see Social Media Marketing Translation, Social Media Marketing Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Management Product Management Content Marketing Strategy Content Creation Marketing Automation Strategy. 

Keyword Prominence

Take for example, in Social Media Marketing, in order for you to have a successful advertising, you are going to need different things like google ads.  

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Preston Martelly

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