What Are Facebook Insights And How Can You Use Them In Business

Facebook Insights For Your Business

Facebook Insights For Your Business

Facebook insights are basic statistics offered by Facebook to track the performance of your Facebook page. The new feature offers a deeper look at how people are interacting with different brands on Facebook by examining various content regarding brands as well as the admins of the Facebook page. There are numerous things you can look at with Insights, including weekly reach, the performance of every post, and where visitors spent most of their times. Addition of post clicks stats, advanced filtering, and benchmarking are some of it great features. With this tool, one thing is for sure, Facebook leads as a social media that offers a complete analytics for brand marketing.
How the Insights are broken down?
  Once your Facebook page reaches 30 likes, Facebook will automatically engage Insights to start tracking your page’s performance. When insights are activated they will appear on the left sidebar of the page and can be accessed by clicking on the Insights tab button in the Menu bar. These insights are broken down into 6 tabs for easier accessibility. They include:
  1. Overview— Below this tab, you will see data about the most up to date posts, targeting, clicks, engagement, and reach, as well as the amount of time spent promoting posts through Facebook Ads. In addition to these, you will know how your page is performing, the number of new “likes” you received over the last few days, and how your posts were received.
  2. Likes—This tab shows how many likes the page received, alongside how many people un-liked it. The time and day your page was found is useful too and here you will be able to use the date selector to see data from the past week or month. If you are running a campaign, you will be able to see how many likes you have received.
  3. Reach—It is good that you have a Facebook fan page, but without knowing whether or not your content is reaching your target audience, your efforts are going down the drain. This tab shows you how many fans your content reached, how many clicked on it or shared it. Moreover, you will know how much reach your posts have received from paid and organic sources
  4. Visits—The visits section helps you understand what the people visiting your page like about it, how many times the different tabs were viewed as well as how many people visited the page from other websites. The information should be used when refining post tactics because most people are inactive on Facebook but are interested in content.
  5. Posts—The Posts section, which you will find useful if you are interested in knowing how your content has been performing, is divided into three sections. This tab starts off with the graph of the days your fans are online, the organic and paid reach of the posts. The tab also shows you the types of content on your page that gets lots of engagement.
  6. People—As well as giving you the insights about your page’s fans, People tab shows you the demographics of people who like your page. This can be a telling indicator than just people who have liked your page at one point or the other. This information can help you know what content will be helpful to your audience
How you can use this information
This tool has long been valued by marketers as a source of information that can help fuel business growth. Until recently, most of the data was only presented through the export of clumsy, a spreadsheet files that often hid key metrics. Once you have gathered this information, you can break it down into Page Likes, Demographics, Language, Location, and Activity. With this data, you can learn the languages spoken among your audience, which will help you know what content your audience is interested in as well as how much influence your page has. The People for instance is very useful as it helps you know what age and gender your potential visitors are so you can tailor your post to that audience. In conclusion, the key to social network success is understanding your audience. Facebook insights make this possible, and simpler to achieve than ever. This knowledge can give you an idea of what you may want to invest in and ways you can boost your Facebook reach.
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