Discover the Advantages and Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) vs Pay Per Click


You’ve just launched your new website (or launched the redesign) and from now on you are sitting straight back waiting for the requests to roll in. But wait a moment, anything’s wrong… there aren’t any. It really is like your internet site doesn’t occur.

Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but if you don’t have either a well publicised website or numerous web sites connecting to yours, you will need to count on the major search engines. Assuming your internet site doesn’t rank in the 1st three outcome pages, it is probably you will not be located whatsoever.

So… guess what happens’s coming after that; you got that right, you’ll need a dosage of search engine marketing techniques (SEM) to be sure your internet site gets noted on the major search engines’ results pages. Do that together with traffic to your site will soon follow.

“Right”, we notice you say. “let us do some search engine marketing techniques then…”

Well which is truly a good start! But first you have to work-out your method of maximise your comes back. Why don’t we phone this your search engine marketing techniques strategy. To be able to create a powerful strategy you must know much more regarding how search engine marketing techniques works. Presently, we could roughly-speaking separate search engine marketing techniques into two different methods:

  1. Natural: including s.e.o., links from other web sites and traditional marketing and advertising.
  2. Paid: including pay-per-click, paid submitting and internet marketing (advertising ads).

Therefore that will help you more, I’ve given just below advantages and drawbacks to each method of SEM and outlined my guidelines.

Natural: Benefits

  1. A lot of the work behind s.e.o. (Search Engine Optimization) is an one-off activity, and thus is generally charged on at a collection upfront fee.
  2. The modifications made to your website will most likely nevertheless be appropriate and driving visitors to your internet site a-year from today.
  3. Credibility: many people (analysis shows between 60 and 80 %) will go through the natural results rather than the sponsored (paid) results.
  4. In the event that you rank well in one of the major search engines (Google/Yahoo/MSN), you’ll likely arrive in most the major search engines global.

Natural: Disadvantages

  1. Changes needs to be made to your website’s signal. Typically the modifications tend to be invisible to site visitors. But if you have spent heavily in a search engine-unfriendly website, the process could be time consuming and pricey; and periodically considerable modifications could need to be made to your website’s copy, navigation or design. Obviously fundamentally, you will see comes back if you commit to the required modifications.
  2. Results (rankings and traffic) start gradually. You will definitely typically see results within 3-4 months.
  3. There is no guarantee. As search engines on their own have the final say, you can’t anticipate what amount of rankings you will get for a specific search term or engine; nor could you anticipate how much traffic you will get to your website.

Paid: Benefits

  1. Pay-per-click (Pay Per Click) advertising programs tend to be quickly to implement. It typically takes 2-3 days to set up and run. Google AdWords tend to be up-and-running as soon as you start the promotion, and Overture listings tend to be real time within 3-5 business times (after an editor ratings all of them).
  2. Absolutely nothing needs to transform on your own website, although i would suggest you generate focused landing pages for every advertisement while they’ve proven to increase conversions (but that’s another topic for the next time!).
  3. There isn’t any limit towards the range terms or keyword phases you can easily bid on.
  4. Pay Per Click is good if you want to run promotions during your website, as you are able to change the Pay Per Click promotion on / off whenever you choose.
  5. You are able to determine in which the listing appears on outcome’s page (inside the sponsors’ ads location) and discover what the advertising says.
  6. It is extremely easy to test all of your different search terms and provides an such like, and to measure the results.

Paid: Disadvantages

  1. Clicks could be expensive. Bidding conflicts usually erupt.
  2. You need to keep investing in the presses monthly. If for example the budget is ever slashed, your listings will go away, along with your search-engine traffic.
  3. People (analysis shows between 60 and 80 %) will go through the natural results rather than the sponsored (paid) results.
  4. It requires a time investment to monitor and adjust listings on a consistent basis, or budget to outsource this activity.
  5. Directories tend to be susceptible to editorial acceptance. With Search Engine Optimization, you can easily state what you may like on your own website (which will be in which the search engines pull your page name and description). However with Pay Per Click, editors assert that every listings be informative and that you maybe not compare your company with others. This means that even though you would be the “largest” provider, you can’t state that.

Now you understand a little towards benefits and drawbacks of both natural and paid search engine marketing techniques, you need to determine how to approach your online advertising campaign.

Natural marketing and advertising is probably most useful if:

  1. You intend to invest some time on search engine marketing techniques upfront and have now it pay back later on, on conceivably every search-engine there is certainly around the globe.
  2. You have a spending plan doing some work today, and would like to save cash down the road.
  3. Your internet site is fairly easy, without many complicated features.
  4. You can afford to hold back per month or two for results.
  5. That you don’t wish to have to handle or maintain something on a regular, regular or monthly basis.

Pay for traffic might be for you if:

  1. You intend to get up-and-running rapidly.
  2. You have an advertising in which you wish to be able to change a Pay Per Click promotion on / off.
  3. You intend to manage to test search terms, products or provides and rapidly see results.
  4. Your internet site is search engine-unfriendly while do not want to buy switching it.
  5. You are confident you’ll have the budget to blow for the long term, and you have time for you to maintain positions regularly.

Obviously a lot of companies and companies tackle both natural and paid SEM at precisely the same time, and this is really what I would usually suggest to maximally entice qualified visitors to a web page.

If you should be presently creating your internet site, or redesigning a current one, make sure your creator is able to create search-engine optimised signal or is working closely with a Search Engine Optimization consultant. Setting it up from first will save you time and money eventually. And it needn’t cost a lot of money either if you tackle this upfront

If you have a current website you intend to optimize, you may have a difficult decision to produce if for example the present website isn’t search-engine friendly. If for example the website was built using considerable using structures or dynamic pages (your Address may look like:, the price to rectify these problems could be discouraging. Should this be the way it is, today will be the time for you to seriously consider redesigning your internet site earlier than you would prepared.

In any event, the usage of a small paid (pay-per-click) marketing campaign before optimization could be a great way to nail straight down those important key words to utilize through your website’s copy by recording which keywords customers answer the most within promotion.


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