Digital Marketing Trends – Targeting the African-American Consumer


Can you intend to market or sell products and services to African-American consumers? If so, to be able to successfully market for this neighborhood, it really is in your favor to know specific digital marketing trends: just how these days’s African-Americans shop, where they go out, where they are almost certainly to be receptive to advertising and, more to the point, how they experience marketing and media.

It has been said that “2014 will be a killer year for social networking and business.” Additionally it is been said that correctly implemented digital marketing techniques will small businesses develop. So, what does this suggest for small businesses that intend to mainly target black colored US consumers? It means you may need an authentic understanding of where Ebony consumers easily fit into this new media and cybercultural landscape. You should keep carefully the after conclusions and/or trends in your mind as you customize your enterprise marketing campaign focusing on this customer:

1. Many, or even most, youthful African-Americans tend to be very early adopters and influencers of pop culture, so you may wish to promote new technology and way of life services and products for this customer demographic.

2. Ebony Americans tend to be hefty people of social networking and huge consumers of video content.

3. Ebony digital consumers are really receptive to marketing on cellular devices.

4. The Ebony customer ownership rate for smartphones expanded from 33per cent to more than 54per cent and continues to grow.

5. African-Americans use their particular phones for texting, Internet access, getting and sending e-mail, downloading picture, downloading songs and cellular video, accessing Twitter and Facebook more than other demographics.

6. Black colored ladies are huge people of e-commerce involving purchases of cosmetics, clothing, healthcare services and products and groceries.

7. Ebony gents and ladies are very socially attached to others. 72per cent of Ebony grownups on the web have more than one social network profile.

8. Black colored females between your ages18 and 35 tend to be 72per cent more prone to emphasize services and products and content preferences by “liking,” “following” or linking to an article, brand or internet site.

9. Ebony Americans trust Ebony media more than popular sources for information. Ads that reflect advantages of products or services and communicate a confident message toward African-American neighborhood tend to be well-received.

10. African-American females between your centuries of 18 and 35 tend to be 72per cent more prone to publish a blog.

African-Americans have amazing buying energy. Also, when confronted with the harsh aftereffects of the recession, spending by the Ebony neighborhood however energized the US customer market. The Nielsen Company, the worldwide information and research firm, projected that African-Americans’ spending energy will reach $1.1 trillion by 2015.

As mentioned by Marketingvox: “Those consumers are hungry for authentic content; connect with companies that represent them instead of just nod in their mind; as they are highly involved with digital content together with cellular platform.” So, what does this suggest for small businesses focusing on this neighborhood? To be able to leverage the buying energy of this neighborhood, you have to step up your game and stay in tune aided by the customer behavior and digital marketing trends. Lastly, get imaginative within the practices you implement to make use of the Ebony United states market.


Supply by Stacey O Mathis

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