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Digital Marketing Companies Ottawa

According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, large corporations spent almost $10 billion on advertising between October 2006 and September 2007. The article noted that banner advertisements and traditional billboards are losing ground to sites and social networking, as well as the growing use of the web for personal and business purposes. This is where Digital Marketing Companies Ottawa can be helpful.

More and more, consumers are using the social networking sites to connect with brands and businesses. According to July 2007 data from Jupiter Research, ravings after a major Tucker fb investment targeted primarily Web sites. sets of users spent 89% more time on sites from 2007 than from 2006. The study also notes that usage on Facebook has increased significantly over the same period.

But despite the large spending numbers and relatively small cost of advertising, marketers are paying attention to social media. At least 80% of advertisers plan to increase their spending on the sites that brands provide.

Web Site Promotion – Digital Marketing Companies Ottawa

As with any new platform, the major Wall Street Journal found that the major Wall Street Journal Publishing groups are still trying to get used to the new platform. The companies want to get ” mileage out of their investment before they abandon it.” One obvious reason is that the online site is still in its infancy and colleges are often called upon to host try-stations for the new platforms. Yet this is exactly what many of the students are doing.

I would look for a local SEO expert, John Scriber of He wrote an excellent article entitled: ” rides on the tandem bicycle – advancements in health care and the online media.”  It’s a step-by-step guide that advises how to get started on the online mediaend run; don’t be afraid to get on the bike.

Social Media

Digital Marketing Companies Ottawa

Millions of people logged into their Facebook accounts daily. This figure continues to grow. Facebook has become a viable source for offline marketing. Logging on to will mean you are current to a world of potential customers.

TIP: The best online media sources to draw people to your door are Facebook and Twitter. Thereby better utilizing Facebook and Twitter and be active in the communities they enable.


Digital Marketing Companies Ottawa

If you haven’t started building an LinkedIn profile yet, the early signs are good that your efforts are paying off. Automatically created profiles are still in a waiting list on LinkedIn. However, if you are creating your own profile, it is critical that you include your website link. Something simple and relevant like your name or your business address will help your LinkedIn profile to rank your site. But please don’t get caught up with the word relevant. It’s really about reputation.


Digital Marketing Companies Ottawa

The power lies not in the number of people who follow you on Twitter but the ones who recognize the value of your company based on what you have to offer. So be very specific in your approach. Group your followers up based on their interest in what you offer. For example, you have been offering high end air ticket discounts to companies and individuals based in frequented business and pleasure destinations. You have followed them and have a clear description of what your current customer offers. Try to retweet interesting tidbits and use them as links.


Think about implementing links on social media to carry messages. Access them often and respond to posts. Write a reactsive posts to pressing issues. Social media gives you the opportunity to teach the new things as well as to announce about things that may be of interest to you customers.


Your sitemap on provides a road map of your website. And it doesn’t stop at just starting. You need to check out the keywords, create pages, amend pages, and even write a blog. Even your status updates can enhance your presence on

Local Search

Search local businesses when you go online. Apart from the local rating of a business, the search results here offer links to the Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps. Whilst you ideally want your website to rank high in the search listings, you need to give your customers a reason to visit your website.

Social Media

Whilst social media is one of the most talked about internet marketing strategy tools, it is actually a very unsure mirror of the quality of a business website. It gives little or no indication as to the web page’s value.

Write blogs

The strategic blog will act as the web page for your company. It will be the web portal that brings visitors to your website. Or have someone write the content for you. You can websites like

What is digital marketing?

Marketing is about connecting with current and prospective customers. Digital marketing is doing that on the internet, as opposed to traditional forms like TV, radio, or newspapers.

Leveraging the internet for your marketing efforts means that you can connect with people at any time of day, any timezone, and anywhere you desire. This ranges from branding, to social media, email marketing, paid advertising, search engine optimization, and performance analytics.


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