Charity Marketing Or Cause Related Marketing – Pros and Cons


The vacation investing period is fully gone and while retailers tend to be crunching the figures, so are the non-profit organizations. Companies joining with charitable groups, as an advertising maneuver, started back the 70’s and it has cultivated exponentially from the time…and permanently reason.

Among the first such combined agreements in 1979 had been provided by lawyers for known Amos Cookie business when creator, Wally Amos became the national representative for Literacy Volunteers of America. It was a match made in heaven for the organization as well as the organization. American Express coined the phrase “cause relevant marketing and advertising” in 1983 when they linked their particular business on Statue of Liberty Restoration venture.

Progressively companies have joined forces with charitable organizations when it comes to numerous benefits available:

1. Visibility. Both non-profit as well as the organization gain good exposure in areas they could not have formerly reached.

2. Revenues. When it comes to organization: the arrangement between the organization as well as the business frequently entails some measure of money visiting the organization (example: portion of gross sales or net profit) whilst organization agrees on organization’s utilization of the organization title and/or logo design. When it comes to organization: in line with the American Institute of Philanthropy in a 2006 consumer research, when up against several items with similar traits, worth and cost, will pick the product which also aids an underlying cause, also surpassing loyalty to a different item brand.

3. Budget factors: the business receives resources it didn’t have to actively get. The company saves money on their particular marketing budget by including the organization logo design and title to existing promotions.

4. Consumers and advertising: consumers feels good towards acquisition they made once you understand they will have contributed to an underlying cause and so they typically feel great towards organization’s involvement in the neighborhood.

5. Workers and Public Service: staff members frequently appreciate employed by a business that is involved in the community.

There could be some downsides to cause relevant marketing and advertising that need to be considered:

1. Chosen charity is important. Since this is not a completely altruistic endeavor, it can well to select a charity which is why organization management has some affinity. Wally Amos chose the Literacy Volunteers of America because he, himself, had been a high college drop-out, making their equivalency degree whilst in the U.S. Air Force. It might be rather embarrassing in the event that organization aids the American community when it comes to protection of Cruelty to pets once the hit finds out the CEO’s mama features 40 kitties secured in her basement and it is frequently called “The Cat woman” by the woman next-door neighbors.

2. Legal: this really is a legal arrangement needing well thought-out variables for the organization as well as the organization. Prevent embarrassment and bad thoughts later on by having both edges represented by lawyers with regards to clarification of financial objectives as well as the utilization of a business’s good title.

3. Bookkeeping: cause relevant marketing and advertising is not like just donating to a charity. The company receives some benefit in exchange for the cash. Seek the advice of the business accountant before making a final decision.

Overall, cause relevant marketing and advertising, or charitable marketing and advertising, creates a win/win/win situation when it comes to organization, the organization as well as the consumer and as a result, continues to increase, particularly in our down economic climate.


Resource by Laura M Anderson

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