Can You Guess the Names of These 12 Unique Fruits and Vegetables From Colombia?


Extraordinary Vegetables And Fruit from Colombia

Phone yourself a skilled South American tourist? Listed here is an instant small quiz for your needs. See the description, then you will need to guess the name of fruit or veggie described. You can examine your answers later on into the article.

Is it possible to Imagine The Names among these Unusual Ingredients?

1. I am lengthy and yellow but I am not a banana. You can boil me or roast me while i am green or later on whenever I’m sweet and yellow. Could you guess what Im? You got that right! __________ love me roasted plantain with cheese.

2. What is red on the inside plus the outside with spines all-around on the outside? Even my liquid is red. My liquid is employed in food coloring, body paint and makeup products. Did you know the things I have always been? is it possible to say __________?

3. Hey, I’ll wager you’ve eaten me often times before. I am very hard and brown on the outside and now have liquid within me. I have white beef and you can make “milk” from me too. Just what have always been We? Simple one! I am a __________, naturally. You usually discover sellers selling my milk by the glass in Quito, Ecuador. We occasionally have a rarely-seen seed which develops inside my hard-shell and will cause it to develop.

4. We develop on a vine in bunches but i am not red grapes because i am orange with tiny small seeds within me. My leaves develop throughout me and also you need certainly to peel all of them down just before eat me. Just what have always been We labeled as? C’mon, take a guess… we are __________!

5. If you like green peppers you really need to like me too. You can stuff me and bake me and I’m tasty. Did you know my name? I am called __________ Im usually stuffed and baked with beef, rice, vegetables and seasonings – Yum!

6. My lime layer is dense but simple to crack open. I have a surface like “jelly” inside with several little crunchy black colored seeds. Did you know the things I have always been? A __________, that is what

7. It is a tougher anyone to guess. What is a tuber like carrots, but smaller, slightly curved and purple on the outside. No, i am not sweet either, however you will like me prepared with milk and cheese. Did you guess __________? Great!

8. My name in English is “Dragon Fruit” but I more commonly known by another name. My dense rich and creamy texture inside is filled with little, difficult black colored seeds. Cannot eat too many of me at once though or I’ll provide you with “loose bowels”! Whether i am little or big, i am a delicious yellow unique fruit. I am a __________

9. My name suggests “happy apple” and I’m smooth and creamy inside with smooth, hard black colored seeds. I come in sections which can make me easier to eat. Although i am a strange searching, punk-rocker design fruit, you are going to simply love my sweetness. What is my name? I am a _________. Enjoy my sweet, creamy smoothness.

10. Think of a huge sequence bean and you will have a detailed notion of the things I seem like outside. In, We have sections which each have a big black colored seed. My pulp looks like cotton and tastes sweet. Just what have always been I? Did you know? I am a __________

11. I just wager at once or any other you set under my limbs at the beach. This swaying tree has actually me as the fruit. We develop in bunches all the way to 500. To consume us you must boil us for 2 hours, then peel us. We’re great with some sodium or dipped in honey. We’re high in cholesterol so you shouldn’t eat too many of us or have us too frequently. Did you know everything we are? You got that right, we are __________

12. You probably haven’t seen every other fruit like me. I am white, smooth and creamy on the inside and now have spiky green skin on the outside. My dense beef is very sweet too. One smart way for eating me is mixed together with milk to help make a delightful, tasty smoothie. Usually i am so big and heavy you can’t use all of me at the same time. Just what have always been I? i am a __________

Just how did you do at guessing the names of the unique fruits & vegetables?

Now Check Your Answers

1. You got that right! “Plantain

2. Could you say “Achiote“?

3. Painless one! “Coconut“, naturally

4. C’mon, take an estimate… we are “Uchuvas“!

5. I am called “Archucha

6. A “Granadilla“, that is what

7. Did you guess “Ullucos“? Great!

8. I am a “Pitaya

9. I am a “Chirimoya

10. I am a “Guama

11. You got that right, we are “Chontaduros”.

12. I am a “Guanabana

Vacation in Colombia and Ecuador

One of the joys and great things about foreign vacation could be the chance to test unique fresh fruits, vegetables also neighborhood meals. When traveling in Colombia or Ecuador, you can test these special flavor experiences on your own. Bon Appetite!


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